The Bigger Picture

In my experience, when thinking about their wealth, most people (and sadly, all too often, financial advisers) want to know that they have the ‘best’ pension/ISA/Investment Portfolio (delete as appropriate).

Whilst there is nothing wrong with making sure what you have is the most appropriate. Focussing solely on such specifics is unhelpful thinking.

It is concentrating too much on the tactics rather than the bigger picture which is akin to General Eisenhower spending his time wondering how many boats he needed to cross the channel rather than working out the ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘what ifs’ of the D-Day invasion.

The starting point for your future planning should be to consider the bigger picture and understand what matters. The questions to answer may include:

  • What is important to me?
  • What’s my money for and why is it important to me?
  • What do I want to do with the time I have left?
  • What are my priorities?

Until we understand what our money is ultimately for we can’t begin to make sensible decisions about it.


If you would like to think more about your bigger picture and have an appropriate plan for your money contact me.

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