This is a service that gives couples clarity and structure to their finances so that they have the greatest chance of achieving their lifetime priorities.

Money is an important facilitator to an enjoyable and fulfilling retirement but it is not enough on its own; it's a means to the end, not the end itself.

Retiring successfully takes time and planning. Those who have retired successfully planned well in advance. As a result, they live a life that is purposeful, are healthy, social and enjoy loving relationships. They also have the peace of mind knowing they are financially secure.

At Neligan Financial we help those thinking about the next phase of their life understand the importance and purpose of their money and what a successful retirement looks like for them.

Once we understand this we can make sure their money is structured and managed in a way that fits that purpose.


- Connecting Your Money to Your Lifetime Priorities - The Neligan Financial Difference -

About You

Neligan Financial was established to help couples in their fifties plan for the next phase of their lives.

You have worked hard all your career and are enjoying the fruits of that labour.

Your children have flown the nest and now you are thinking about what is next for you. What is important to you? What are your lifetime priorities?

You might not be exactly sure what your retirement might look and when it will be, it may not even be a one off event, but you want to understand whether you will have enough to live the lifestyle you want, for the rest of your life, without money worries.

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Benefits To You

Clarity of your financial future
Confidence that you can live the lifestyle you want without money worries.
Freedom to do what you want, when you want to.
Opportunity to live a life that provides fulfillment and joy

A previous adviser had retired and we were looking for an overall review of our finances and development of a plan for the years ahead. Andrew helped us look at our life goals and how we could achieve them. Other previous advisers have focussed on the money without really looking at what it is needed for. What could Andrew have done better? He could have come to meetings with champagne and caviar. Apart from that, nothing so far!

Alan & Rebecca, Sidmouth

My main priority was finding an IFA with the highest possible level of personal integrity and honesty. Andrew carefully evaluated my circumstances and long term objectives. He took time to understand my perspective and has offered solutions to meet my needs.

This will be a long term relationship, but I have every confidence that I have made a good choice in selecting Andrew to advise me.

Andrew, Dulverton

I contacted Andrew because I wanted a review of my pensions and investments, including Defined Benefit pensions I have. What I received was much more than this.

We now have the peace of mind that my wife and I are financially secure for our eventual retirement. On top of that Andrew opened our eyes to simple but effective ways to structure our money that will save significant money in our lifetime and on our death. We found Andrew to be an attentive listener who took time to understand us. He also offered clear explanations of the more complicated financial aspects.

Nigel & Jenny, Exmouth

I needed formal advice regarding a (significant) transfer out from a Defined Benefits pension scheme. I started out very much thinking this was simply a regulatory hurdle to jump, but Andrew approached the process with demonstrable professionalism: he captured the detail behind a very complex situation, helping me to consider the alternatives with rational clarity. I found his surfacing of risk and alternatives very useful indeed, and he demonstrated a very high ability to listen and pick out key facts and details of relevance.

Ward, Exeter

Andrew did an excellent job of career/lifetime financial planning, taking a commonsense and personally engaged approach. I was confident that he wanted to produce a sensible, workable plan, and was not simply trying to sell financial products. Approachable and sensible. Excellent to work with.

David, London

Andrew completely ‘got’ me, my situation and goals. He is happy to spend the time, never rushed, always fully focused. Always responsive on email and to queries. I had little time to do the essential early background work that only I could do and he had endless patience, and just the right approach, on this and had a good way of prompting, without being pushy. He’s a nice person too which makes such a difference!

Helen, London

Andrew has looked after our investments exceptionally well for a number of years, and has always been quick to reply with sound advice to any queries raised. He never tries to ‘pass the buck’, and always makes himself available to speak with you which is exactly what I think is essential with a business relationship.His advice has proven reliable, down to earth and unbiased, and he does not procrastinate which is important. In addition to his efficiency and expertise, he has a very pleasant personality.We would not hesitate to recommend him.

Sally, Surrey

I wanted to understand whether my finances (and my husband’s) would be sufficient to cover an early retirement or whether I would need to keep on working for another few years. Andrew was able to demonstrate that the savings we had made throughout our lives together with our pension provisions were substantial enough to allow for early retirement – which was an amazing feeling and has allowed us to follow our dream and go travelling whilst we still have our health. Andrew gave us advice on pensions.

I was very negative when I started the process as I thought that a pension was not a good thing – that “my” money that I had worked hard for was going to be tied up and not available for me to spend as I wanted to. The changes to pensions that came in this year have worked in our favour and Andrew took time to explain the benefits and negatives of all the new options.

Before I received his advice I wanted to take out as much money as I could and invest it in property, which I felt I understood and could control, however thanks to Andrew’s patience it became clear that although I could have done this, it was much more sensible to opt for the SIPS type of pension scheme and that money is available whenever it is needed, but if not it continues to earn money. Yes. Better than I could ever have expected.

Richard & Elizabeth, Surrey

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Chartered Financial Planner

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