Press play and watch as Andrew explores some of the most important retirement topics: from understanding investing to knowing your income options and from what makes a successful retirement to transferring your Final Salary pension.

Your Pension Income Options Explained

Retirement planning has become more complex since the introduction of Pension Freedoms; people at retirement age now have more options than ever before. Andrew explores the three main options.

Secrets of a Successful Retirement

Some people retire successfully, others struggle to mould their income to their desired retirement lifestyle. Andrew explains the retirement planning secrets of the successfully retired.

How to Invest Wisely for your Future

Investing wisely can be the difference between a comfortable or an uncomfortable retirement. The world of investing can seem baffling and complicated; Andrew explores a few basic principles to get you started.

The Truth About Money

Successful retirement planning will depend upon your attitude to money. On the whole, we’ve developed an unhealthy relationship with money: we can worry about it, be intimidated by it and obsess about it. So, what is its purpose?

A 6 Step Plan for a Successful Retirement

What does a successful retirement look like to you? Andrew explores the six steps you could be taking now to secure your ideal future retirement.

What do we mean by Risk?

Whenever you read or hear anything about investing, the term 'risk' won't be far away. But what do financial professionals mean by risk?

What is Financial Planning Anyway?

Andrew explores the key elements of financial planning and the reasons why is it an essential part of your retirement planning.

Understanding Shares & Stock Markets

This video is the perfect starting point for beginners looking to learn about the basics of shares and their role in the stock market. We'll explore what shares are, how they are traded, and why the stock market is a crucial component of the global economy.

Understanding Government Bonds

In this comprehensive video, we delve deep into the world of government bonds, explaining their role in a retirement portfolio, their benefits, and how they compare to other investment options.

A Guide to Investment Funds

This comprehensive video is your guide to understanding how investment funds can be a valuable part of your investment strategy, especially as you plan for retirement.

Is There A Magic Formula To Investing?

While some 'experts' promise exceptional returns by following specific criteria, I emphasize that there truly is no silver bullet in investing. The real secret to successful investing, especially for those planning for retirement, lies in patience, discipline, and aligning investments with your long-term life priorities.

What Do 'Normal' Returns Look Like? Understanding Realistic Investment Returns for Your Portfolio

In this video, I delve into the typical returns you might see from various retirement portfolios. Whether you're looking into stocks, bonds, or pension funds, understanding what normal returns look like is crucial for setting realistic expectations and achieving financial security in your retirement.

Understanding Investment Risk For Money Decisions You Can Sleep With.

Understanding investment risk is key to making financial decisions that let you sleep well at night. In this video, I explore the essential concepts of investment risk and how it impacts your money, especially as you plan for a secure retirement.

What Is With Profits & Should You Be In It?

In this video, I explain With Profits funds, a type of investment often used within pension plans, and discuss reasons you might choose to stay invested in them or switch out.

Understanding investing