The value I add

A growing body of research shows the value of financial advice and planning.

This includes:

  • A 2017 report by Royal London and the International Longevity Centre showed that, on average, people who work with a financial adviser boost their assets by up to £43,245.
  • A recent study by Vanguard identified seven key areas where advisers can add value, estimating values for each area. The total sum was discovered to be around 3% per annum.

As a client of mine you will benefit from a highly-personalised service that adds value, both financially and personally.

Achieve your goals and aspirations sooner

I help you keep the cost of investing low and minimise the tax you pay, which results in more money for your future lifestyle.

Attain peace of mind

Knowing that your money is structured to achieve and maintain your lifetime priorities will enable you to feel more organised and in control.

Gain financial clarity

I help you understand what you have and what it will provide for the rest of your life.

Receive trusted guidance

I ensure you remain on track to achieve your lifetime priorities, even as the inevitable changes of life occur.

Make better decisions

I prevent you from making ill-timed and ill-considered decisions with your money that you are likely to regret in the future.

Invest efficiently

I use academic research and empirical evidence to maximise investment returns whilst minimising risk; based on your objectives, timeframes and capacity for loss. Find out more here.

Be accountable

I ensure you complete the tasks you know should be done, but nevertheless tend to put off.

Transition into retirement

I help you transition from working life into retirement through strategic and bespoke financial planning that is geared towards your desired future lifestyle.

Secure an unbiased viewpoint

I am there to listen to whatever is on your mind from a non-judgmental and unbiased position.

Appoint a trusted expert for your spouse or partner

I will be there for your spouse or partner when you are no longer around, so that the financial side of life is already organised and managed by a trusted friend and professional.

Stay up-to-date with news and views

I provide communication of pertinent and interesting articles created and curated from the web (plus some non-financial ones too). Check out our blog here.

Have a 24/7 view of your wealth

I offer instant and constant access to the Neligan Financial client portal to see the value of your assets and access your important financial documents.

Save precious time

I take away the hassle and burden of financial admin by taking it off your hands and managing your situation in an organised and efficient manner.

The way I work and the philosophy behind my approach reinforces the positive reasons to choose Neligan Financial. Find out more about: