Your donations have helped to raise £11063 of our £15000 goal.

I believe in giving back: to our clients, my family, the wider community and the world beyond.

My ambition is to grow Neligan Financial so that it can provide, through charitable donations, for those less fortunate.

I have been raising money for these two charities as of 2018. We were hoping to raise £5,000 but, thanks to the success of the emoji guide to investing, we smashed that target by February 2019 so we have raised the target to £10,000 and since then to £15,000. If you would like to help, please get in touch.

We have two charity partners: Space* and Home of Hope.


Space* is a charity that provides opportunities for Devon’s disadvantaged and ‘at-risk’ youth population.

The organisation, which works closely with the police, care services and health organisations, provides essential support and opportunities for disadvantaged children by providing them space to grow, connect and inspire each other.

It provides five key services:

  1. Targeted support in one-to-one and group settings for those with complex needs and mental health issues.
    This can range from assisting those with disabilities and carers for those with disabilities, to helping LGBT children to understand who they are and help them open up to their family.
  2. Providing youth centres across Devon.
  3. Working within communities to help youth workers.
    This ranges from supporting youth workers to providing them with the skills to deal with complex situations.
  4. The Chances education services.
    This provides support and training for challenging children and their schools so that they can not only stay in education, but also thrive in mainstream education.
  5. Providing access to the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme through a range of open award groups.

Dan Barton, Communications and Partnerships Lead at Space* said:

“As a new charity, it is important that we have a local profile, so we can continue to provide the life-changing work we do. We are honoured to be Neligan Financial’s charity partner, particularly as they are the first corporate partner to approach us since establishing as a charity. We are excited for the opportunity that this partnership will provide and look forward to working with Neligan Financial.”

Home of Hope

Home of Hope is a Cape Town-based charity that provides care services for abused and abandoned children in South Africa, as well as those affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

Their work covers four key areas:

  1. Providing foster care so that children receive a solid foundation for a successful and fulfilling life by learning key skills in a supportive environment.
  2. Special needs education for those who were born with the neurological conditions brought about by mothers who drank heavily during pregnancy.
  3. Support for family and caregivers.
  4. Raising awareness of the issues of FASD.

We are excited at the prospect of making even a small difference to the children who benefit from the hard work and dedication of these two amazing charities.

If you would like to learn more about our charity partners and how you can help, please email