Why choose me

My clients rate my advice and service very highly:

My clients rate my advice as 4.6 out of 5
My clients rate my service as 4.7 out of 5

There are many reasons why my clients choose to work with me and why they are confident to recommend me to friends, family and work colleagues.

Here are just a few:

I am a Financial Planner

You might be seeking financial advice because you have a specific problem or challenge that needs solving.

Whilst solving that challenge is always our priority, our work doesn’t stop there. Financial planning is less concerned with your money, and more concerned with you; your goals and objectives for the future. I assess your entire financial situation and recommend effective solutions in multiple areas.

“Other previous advisers had focused on the money without really looking at what it’s needed for. What could Andrew have done better? He could have come to meetings with champagne and caviar. Apart from that, nothing so far!”

Alan and Rebecca, Sidmouth, clients since 2017

I am an expert

Our Financial Planner, Andrew, is committed to developing his knowledge and expertise; so much so that he is now a Chartered Financial Planner (CII), a Certified Financial Planner (IFP) and a Chartered Wealth Manager (CISI).

No matter your situation, Andrew has the knowledge and practical skill to design a fulfilling financial future for you and your family.

“I had a small deferred protected benefit pension and realised it would be more useful to me if I transferred it to a flexible scheme, taking advantage of current high transfer values. Andrew agreed a transfer might be favourable (using an industry standard forecasting tool). I have seen the outcome I was hoping for. I spoke to several advisers before choosing Andrew and he came across as knowledgeable and fair rather than opportunistic and exploitative.”

Gary, Sidmouth, a client since 2018

I give my clients confidence

If you are seeking financial advice, it may well be because you are at a crossroads: for example, you may have recently experienced the death of a loved one, a redundancy or a divorce.

In situations such as these, assessing your financial situation can be an intimidating prospect; we understand and we’re here to help. We use bespoke financial planning to create a thorough, step-by-step guide that will instil you with confidence and clarity for the future.

“I sought Andrew’s advice having retired early following redundancy. Andrew skilfully assessed our resources, expectations and propensity for investment risk. Based on this, he made recommendations and suggested our options for the future. Consequently, I am entering this new phase of my life with confidence. Andrew is truly impartial.”

Nick and Jenny, Exmouth, Devon, clients since 2017

I listen

Whilst it may be advice you are seeking, we thoroughly believe that understanding you and your goals is of utmost importance in the financial planning process; that’s why we take time to stop and listen.

Your goals and objectives will drive the financial plan we create for you. We therefore get to know you, both as a client and as a friend, to ensure you and your wishes are at the heart of everything we do.

“I was approaching retirement and looking for the most effective way to invest my capital. Andrew discussed, at length, my individual circumstances, goals and my attitude to money, which really helped me clarify my thinking. He then illustrated how the investments I made could help me realise those goals. The most valuable aspect was being able to speak to someone who didn’t know me personally but understood where I was coming from. He has great listening skills. Andrew has definitely given me peace of mind to take some decisions which I have been putting off for some time. I now feel as though my finances are under control and I have a plan which can be reviewed regularly.”

Selina, Bedfordshire, a client since 2012

I am personable and approachable

Andrew is committed to building long-lasting relationships with every client.

Our approach is friendly, personable and approachable. We count our clients as friends, and their success and happiness is the driving force behind everything we do.

“Andrew did an excellent job of career/lifetime financial planning, taking a common sense and personally engaged approach. I was confident that he wanted to produce a sensible, workable plan, and was not simply trying to sell financial products. Approachable and sensible. Excellent to work with.”

David and Philippa, London, clients since 2010

I am top-rated

Andrew was one of a small number of advisers to be included in The Times’ newspaper’s 2022 Guide to the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers.

Click here to find out what was required to be included in the Guide.

“I feel incredibly reassured that we have taken the time now to think of our future and have a clear plan in place. Andrew is patient, a great listener and also very knowledgeable. My husband and I are confident that our ongoing relationship with Andrew will ensure regular reviews to keep us on track.”

Caroline & Mark, Hertfordshire

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