18 Signs You Could Be Ready For Retirement

Are you wondering if you are ready for retirement? Are you still working but wondering if it is time to stop?

Perhaps you have doubts about it and are fearful of stopping only to regret it. Here are 18 reasons that you could be ready for life’s next phase now:

  1. You spend more time thinking about other things you could be doing rather than work.
  2. You get increasingly frustrated with your colleagues or bosses.
  3. You are losing motivation to work and Monday mornings are getting harder to deal with.
  4. You’ve stopped caring.
  5. You are aware that the years are going by more quickly and there is still a lot you want to do.
  6. Your relationship at home is getting more fractious as you take out frustrations on your other half.
  7. Your children have flown the nest and you are thinking “now it is our time”.
  8. You look on with envy at others who have retired and are loving it.
  9. It feels like you could afford to stop working but are not sure.
  10. Your holidays are over far too quickly.
  11. Your last medical check-up raised some physical symptoms such as higher blood pressure and cholesterol which could be a result of work-related stress.
  12. You are struggling to keep up with the pace of change and you don’t have the motivation to try.
  13. You can’t see where the next promotion is coming from.
  14. There are rumours of redundancy and your gut reaction is excitement.
  15. You are getting more annoyed with the commute.
  16. You have recently lost a loved one and don’t want to lose precious time.
  17. There’s a world out there to explore and you’re keen to do it while you can.
  18. You know that nobody died wishing they spent more time in the office.

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