Choose Life (A Financial Planner’s Version)

Choose life.
Choose freedom.
Choose leisure.
Choose pleasure
Choose never having to worry about money.
Choose global travel, time in the garden or writing that book.
Choose working on your terms, not anyone else’.
Choose the stock markets and a globally diverse stock portfolio.
Choose relationships and time with friends.
Choose no more meetings or demanding clients.
Choose a successful retirement.
Choose being fulfilled and knowing who you are.
Choose getting up in the morning when you want to, not when you have to.
Choose maintaining your lifestyle for the rest of your life.
Choose going to bed knowing you have enough.
Choose time with the grand-kids and not looking back with regret.
Choose financial independence and being mortgage-free.
Choose peace of mind and a carefree future.
Choose planning for the future.
Choose life.




Photo by Dan Roizer on Unsplash

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