Coronavirus Silver Linings


“Even sorrow has its silver lining, as the emotion that pours forth reminds us of our
capacity to love, and to be loved.”― Rob Kozak, Finding Fatherhood

With most of the world currently in lockdown, as each nation attempts to control the spread of the contagion within its own borders and keep their economies going, here is a list of some of the positives I believe (or hope) will come out of this difficult and challenging time:

1. It is an opportunity for families to re-connect and share time together.
2. Front lines services, particularly the NHS, will stop being taken for granted by those in power and much of the population.
3. There will be a reduction in global travel because companies will see that online meetings can work.
4. A temporary reduction in polluting activities will allow nature to reclaim some ground.
5. We will realise what really matters and what we can live without.
6. Investment professionals can stop saying “this bull market will stop at some point”.
7. Resilient companies will emerge stronger.
8. Interest rates will remain lower for longer, benefitting mortgage holders and those with debt.
9. Scientists will make new discoveries as they seek vaccines against Covid 19.
10. People will understand what the terms ‘exponential’ and ‘compound growth’ mean and how it applies to their lives (as it relates to their money and learning new skills).
11. New innovations will emerge from a change in demand and consumption patterns.
12. The great outdoors will be more appreciated by more people.
13. We will become more creative as we seek new ways to entertain ourselves and our families.
14. Those tasks around the house that were always put off will finally get done.
15. The global population will build up resistance to this and other similar viral strains.
16. There will be more random acts of kindness as the vulnerable and less fortunate are looked after.
17. We will stop taking everyday freedoms and comforts for granted.
18. The job that teachers do will be more appreciated.
19. The reduction in work commitments will give us an enforced opportunity to re-charge and re-assess what we are doing and why.
20. Criminal activity and drug dealing will reduce as underworld supply chains are disrupted.


Photo by visuals on Unsplash

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