Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ Poem: A Successful Retirement Planning Translation

If you know why you work and why you play,

If you can look after your future you the same as your current self,

If you know what is important and don’t get distracted by what is not,

If you know that money is the means, not the end and that it’s just one form of wealth,

If you can value your friends for who they are, not what they’ve got,

If you can keep your head when markets are full of surprises,

If you can ignore the news because you know it won’t last,

If you can take some risk, but not too much and know that it comes in many guises,

If you believe the future will be better than the past,

If you can distill what you want from what you need,

If you can plan but know it is not set in stone,

If you doff your cap to patience and discipline but bear arms against fear and greed,

If you can suffer loss and not moan,

If you can be wise but not too clever,

If you can invest, come whatever,

Your financial independence is assured,

And what is more, may your life will pass without regret.


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