What I Learnt From Glamping in Storm Francis

Having had our planned family holiday to Malta this year cancelled due to COVID-19 we opted for staycations rather than running the quarantine gauntlet to another European destination. 

In the main the weather gods were kind, we had a hot week in Cornwall and weekend camping in Exmoor but they turned against us once we booked a couple of nights glamping in Wales. Camping in the UK is always a weather lottery and being unable to rely on the accuracy of any weather apps we hoped the rainy outlook would change as the trip arrived. It was not to be the case as Storm Francis battered the UK with heavy rains and winds of up to 74mph recorded near where we were. 

Fortunately, we were staying in more sturdy bell tents rather than smaller and lighter standard tents. Had we not been I suspect we would have high-tailed it home, but I’m glad we didn’t. Despite being limited with options in stormy weather the children played with friends we went with while us adults entertained ourselves with card games and Yatzee.

And here’s what I learnt about the trip:

experiences are far more valuable and life-affirming than any gadget or luxury ‘thing’.

If we knew that the weather was going to be so dreadful we would not have booked but having done so we made the most of the occassion and really enjoyed a no-frills, back to basics experience.

For the children, they didn’t care that it was wet and windy, give them some space and freedom and they will use their imaginations to make their own fun. 

If we did go to Malta we probably wouldn’t have felt the need to have a second trip but now we have deepened our friendships and have memories we will look back on fondly for years to come. All at a much lower cost than a holiday abroad. 

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