How Much Will I Have?

We will help you understand what your financial future will be based upon your current pension and savings.

How Much Will I Need?

We will discuss what your ideal future looks like.
We will work out whether your current financial path leads to your ideal future.
If you are not on track, we will make recommendations to get back on track.
This will give you a financial target for how much is enough to live your ideal future.
We will work with you to make sure you achieve and maintain this target.

Where Am I Now and Where Am I Heading?

Often referred to as a Financial MOT we will review your existing financial position.

We will map out what your financial future will look like if you carry on as you are.

Where the future looks unappealing we will make recommendations to improve it.

We will stay with you to make sure your planning remains on track to achieve the financial future you want.

We will recommend how your business can be used to fund your personal objectives.

We will provide financial targets you need to work towards to meet your lifetime priorities.

‘What If?’ Scenario Planning

What if I stop working sooner? Will we be able to maintain our lifestyle?

What if I die or can’t work? What will happen to my family?

What if one of my business partners dies or can’t work? How will that impact me and my family?

What if I provide a deposit for a house for my children? How will that impact our retirement?

We will review your financial position and model the likely outcomes of whatever scenarios you wish to consider.

From this you will understand the implications and make informed decisions.

We will make recommendations for how to minimise risks and maximise opportunities.

The ‘How Do I Use My Business To Achieve My Personal Objectives’ Service

You want to make sure you decide when to retire not when your business allows you to.

You want to reduce the impact that an economic downturn will have on your lifetime priorities.

We will take time to understand your business and personal objectives and the balance of your business and personal wealth.

We will help you calculate what personal wealth you need to achieve your personal objectives.

We will recommend how to mitigate against uncontrollable events effecting your business and personal objectives.

We will advise how to extract capital from your business to personal accounts in a tax efficient manner.

The ‘How Do I Ensure Financial Security For My Family’ Service

You are concerned about the what impact of the death, disability or long term illness of you or a business partner will have on your family.

You are worried stock market crashes will have consequences for your retirement lifestyle.

We will review your current financial situation to understand what risks you are exposed to.

We will model what impact certain catastrophes will have on the financial security of you and your family.

We will recommend how the impact of these risks can be avoided or minimised.

The ‘What’s The Minimum I Need To Sell My Business For?’ Service

You have the opportunity to sell your business but want to make sure you find the right price so that you don’t have to worry about money again.

We will work out the cost of your ideal retirement so you know the minimum capital value you need to make it possible.

This will give you your walk away point in any sale negotiations or even allow you to stop working sooner than you thought may be possible.