What People in their 50s Can Learn From Devon’s Retirees

A recent survey conducted on behalf of a national property developer has uncovered what Devon’s older generation don’t miss about being younger.

Unsurprisingly, according to the survey published in this recent article, not having to sit exams, avoiding the daily commute and not having to get up with an alarm clock were in the list of 33 activities that were not missed.

Particularly interesting insights include:

-Not having financial worries (which I guess either means Devon’s retirees saved diligently whilst working or they are making lifestyle adjustments to fit their money, the former being much more preferable than the latter).

-40% have downsized, of which 80% stated it made their lives easier. 67 seemed to be the ideal age but emotional ties where one factor that prevents people from doing it.

-25% said retirement was the best thing they had ever done and wished they had done it sooner.

-A huge 85% said they were happier than they have ever been.

-55% said the relationship with their partner was better. This is in part due to the stresses of work and family life being over, but, the majority (70%) said it was simply down to having more time together.

-Encouragingly, 70% where happy with what they had achieved in life citing family, marriage, home ownership and world travel as their greatest accomplishments.

These results tie in with what I have said before about the key to a successful retirement (this post covers the six steps to a successful retirement).

Surprisingly, not having to watch what they ate was another entry. I’m sure any nutrionist or dietician would say that continue to eat well and be healthy in later life is a key to ongoing wellness and vitality so it continues to be an enjoyable time of life.

If you would like to know more about how you can make sure your money is structured so that, you too, can make the most of your retirement download this free guide.


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