Our services are designed to help you answer the questions you are likely to be asking yourself during this phase of your life. The result is connecting your money to your lifetime priorities; that's the Neligan Financial Difference.

It all starts by taking time to understand you: where you have come from, where you are and where you want to get to. By understanding what is important to you and knowing more about your unique situation we can ensure your money is structured accordingly. 

Only once we truly understand you, we build up a picture of your financial position and forecast what it is likely to look like in the future. This helps us to determine whether you are on course to fulfil your priorities or not.

By forecasting your financial future we can expect one of three outcomes: you will either have too much money (in which case you could have spent more time doing what you love), not have enough or be just right.

Once we know what the likely outcome is we can take the appropriate steps to ensure your ideal financial future is achieved thereby creating a life that is full of freedom, opportunity and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are going to be OK.

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How Much Will I Have?

We will help you understand what your financial future looks like based upon your current pensions and savings.

How Much Do I Need?

We will help you understand how much wealth you need to be able to live the lifestyle your really want without money worries. This will give you a financial target for how much is enough to live your ideal future.

We will work with you to make sure you achieve and maintain this target.

'What If?' Scenario Planning

We will help you understand what the implications are for various decisions you make take. What if you decide to work less? What if you put more into your pension? What if you are sick or have an accident? What if you sell your business?


How Do I Ensure My Financial Security?

We will show you how to reduce your dependency on your business so your financial security is maintained regardless of events beyond your control.

How Do I Retire Successfully?

Helping you understand why somepeople enjoy successful retirements and other people struggle so you can learn from them.

How Do I Use My Business To Increase My Personal Wealth?

We will show you how your use your greatest asset to increase your personal wealth and (legitimately) minimise the tax you pay.