Our Beliefs

About Life & Money

1. True Wealth refers to more than the size of your bank account; money is merely a means to an end, not an end in itself. 

2. Experiences are more valuable and more enduring than any product.

3. Truly happy people end their lives thinking “I’m glad we…” or “I loved it when we….”

4. People who get their life’s priorities wrong end life thinking “if only I…” or “why didn’t I….”

5. If most of your time is spent in your office… the long term costs to your life will be greater than you dare consider, and more than financial.

6. A business owner’s personal and business objectives are far more effective when they’re aligned and in harmony.

7. I believe that, as a proper financial planner, I am uniquely privileged to be able to use my skills, expertise and knowledge to help clients turn dreams into reality… in a way that no other profession can.

About a Financial Planning Business

1. There is a small but growing number of financial planners who truly care about their clients. There may still be some advisers only care about selling you products.

2. Genuine financial planners want to know, and care, about their client’s deepest hopes, dreams and fears… so that they can help address them.

3. Genuine financial planners know that lifetime ambitions are more likely to be achieved when they are planned for… and when the plan is regularly reviewed.

4. Genuine financial planners commit to a rigorous discipline of ongoing professional and personal development. Those who don’t are failing their clients.

5. The ability to question and listen well is a vital skill for any financial planner.

6. A pension is just a pension. It is what it enables the owner to achieve in life that really matters.

7. The ability to pick the ‘best’ funds or products is not a valuable service.

8. The abolition of commission may not have stopped inappropriate product sales.